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The Shanam Necklace | Ancient Treasures Collection

$ 189.00

Shamans are said to cure illness, or foretell the future. Many, many cultures have concepts that link magic to beads, and they make and wear special beads, such as evil eyes, that give evidence to their beliefs.

I have imbued these beads with love, which is surely magic in my book. I love the glass, I love the colors, and I love to make beads.The Shaman Necklace was created in honor of ancient cultures and peoples that believed (and still do) that special beads can ward off evil, or cure illness.

No guarantees that this Shaman Necklace can do any curing, but I do guarantee it will make you smile. The three pendants have eyes and bales of silver, and are suspended from a steel neck-wire made by my step-son. It is approximately 16 inches in diameter


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