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Molasses & Cream Ruffles Necklace | The Pendant Collection

$ 139.00

Ruffle glass beads in ivory, cream, molasses and black glass are set with silver and dangle from a silver plated 17 inch neck wire. The flowers are less than 1.5 inches in diameter, and hang barley 1.5 inches from the wire as well. Molasses & Cream Ruffles Necklace is light, and easy to wear, yet will bring a little spice to your neutral outfits. Shown against backgrounds of black, cream, white and light brown you can see how The Molasses & Cream Ruffles Necklace adds a touch of interest and style. This necklace can be enjoyed with so many outfits - it is destined to be a year round classic for you.

The Molasses & Cream Ruffles Necklace is designed to be worn with all 3 pendants. However, since the pendants are easy to remove from the neck wire, you may, of course,  wear them one at a time. 


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