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Flowers Along the River Necklace | The Pendant Collection

$ 139.00

Fantasy flowers peek out from the banks of a dream river, only to land on your neck! Enticing ruffled glass flowers are suspended on brass bales and dangle with the slightest of chimes as you wear them. When you put on the Flowers Along the River necklace,  made with amber, taupe, and silvered glass, you will feel creative, arty and fun. Your natural skin tones will be brightened, and your eyes will shine - because that's what happens, like magic, when you wear glass. Glass reflects and refracts the nearby light and colors. Therefore, you may pair this necklace with almost any color. It will, however, look especially spectacular if you are wearing black, brown, white, ivory, taupe, or desert sand.

The flowers dangle about 3 inches below the hammered gold plated 17 inch neck wire. Gold plated beads also accent the glass.


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