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Dreaming of Tahiti Necklace | The Pendant Collection

$ 139.00

Beautiful aqua glass will have you dreaming of beaches or longing for tropical waters. If you go The Dreaming of Tahiti Necklace is perfect to wear on the cruise ship or plane. If you can't leave home,The Dreaming of Tahiti Necklace will will keep you smiling while you plan your getaway. Put on this blue lovely and your eyes will sparkle.  

The Dreaming of Tahiti necklace has three glass beads, set with silver centers and bails, and suspended from a silver plated 17 inch neck wire.  The necklace is designed to be worn with all 3 pendants. However, since the pendants are easy to remove from the neck wire, you may of course,  wear them one at a time.  


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