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What is Lampworking?

Lampworking is the centuries old name for a method of making beads or other articles from molten glass. Originally, oil lamps, the heat of their flame increased by bellows, were used to melt the glass. I use a modern torch to melt the glass, the heat of propane increased by oxygen from a generator. Like the beads I make, I am a link in a long chain of lampworkers, continuing an ancient craft, and I honor its old name.     I make all the lamp worked beads, one by one, in  the jewelry that I create and sell. I combine my glass beads with other, smaller accent beads. I also purchase accent beads of natural gemstones, pearls, silver and other materials. Many of the silver beads I use are handmade, some by my husband and partner, metal smith, Jim Foley. Jim also designed my sterling silver signature clasp, which is now manufactured for us.

 How I make Lampwork Glass Beads: