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What is your return policy?

If for any reason you are not satisfied with your purchase, you may return it for a refund if you inform me within 2 days of receiving your purchase. Refunds do not include shipping costs, and the item must be returned, insured, in new condition. Call 979-249-3358 or e-mail if you have any questions about a return. 

Your beads look so delicate. Will they break? 

The quality and workmanship of my beads and jewelry are guaranteed. The beads in your work of art are made to last a lifetime, and will not break with normal wear. I anneal all of my beads, which is a process of slowly cooling the beads in a kiln so that the glass molecules in the beads cool down at the same rate. This process reduces the stress in the glass so that it becomes more stable, and less breakable. My beads are similar to Pyrex cooking glass in strength and durability. 

However, they are glass. Do not bang your jewelry or drop it on tile, concrete or metal surfaces. If you use reasonable care with your glass beads your work of art will be yours to enjoy for many years to come. 


If any of the bead jewelry purchased from me breaks during normal wear I will replace it or repair it at no charge. 

If any of the bead jewelry purchased from me breaks due to mis-handling, dropping, etc. I will still replace the beads. There will, however, be a shipping charge, and other charges determined on an individual basis. Contact me if you have any questions.