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Lyn Foley Signature Clasp


The beads are strung on a 49 strand braided and coated metal cable. It is strong and durable, yet flexible. Sometimes I let the wire show, and at other times I cover the wire with tiny seed beads. Where the wires attach to the clasp they are protected from wear by a metal horseshoe shaped guard, for strength and durability.

Custom Toggle Clasp

Commercial toggles are not always safe. Since I make glass beads, I want to be sure that Lyn Foley necklaces will not come apart when being worn. Therefore my custom Lyn Foley signature toggle clasp, made with either sterling silver or vermeil (sterling silver plated with 24 kt gold) was born.

My husband Jim Foley is a jeweler. He and I collaborated on the clasp about 12 years ago, and Jim manufactured the first 50 of them himself. We needed too many however, for him to continue making them by hand, so they are now manufactured for me.

The clasps have my name, Lyn Foley, on the toggle and Lampwork, the name of the technique I use to make the beads, on the toggle bar. The clasp is therefore my signature, and your assurance of the finest in quality, design, and safety.

The toggle has an oval opening, and the toggle bar (lampwork) is also oviodal.  Turn the toggle bar (lampwork) sideways and perpendicular to the toggle to insert it. Because of the two oviod shapes, the toggle is able go through the opening in only one position. Once clasped in place, the toggle will not come undone until you turn the bar sideways and perpendicular again to remove it. Thus safety while wearing your jewelry is assured. 

The first time you purchase a Lyn Foley necklace with my toggle, sit down on a bed to practice using it. That way you will not risk dropping your necklace on the floor while learning. Once you learn, the toggle will be easy to use. Like hundreds of previous customers, you will thank me for the design and the ability to wear your jewelry with peace of mind.

Extender Clasps

Some necklaces I create are adjustable in length. I use extender chains and medium to large lobster claw clasps for those pieces of jewelry. The chain will match the necklace design and is often copper, silver, brass or gold filled. The material used will be listed in the necklace description. Typically the extender will add 2 to 3 inches to the necklace length. Be sure to clasp the lobster claw into a chain link, not over the chain. For the necklaces without my signature clasp I attach a hand stamped signature tag, stamped with either "LF" or "Lyn Foley"