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I am Lyn Foley, a glass artist. I create jewelry to make you a star!

When you wear my handmade glass bead jewelry I want you to light up with happiness and joy.
Years ago, after earning a B.A. degree in art education, I flitted between teaching art and creating watercolors, drawings, jewelry and fiber.

I met Jim Foley in 1974 and my life changed.

While selling my crocheted clothing on the streets of San Francisco, I met Jim Foley, a goldsmith selling his beautiful lost wax cast jewelry. We fell in love and celebrated our relationship with a romantic trip to Mexico. There, on a secluded beach with only pelicans and a lone sailboat on the horizon, we vowed to sail around the world.

We returned to California to earn money to finance our dream.  I put fiber aside and together we opened a fine jewelry store, then a card store, then another. Jim evolved into a master goldsmith, I mastered the entrepreneurial mix. Time passed. Our marriage, our business, our jewelry skills and our savings account prospered, but our dream lay tucked away on a shelf. 

Our dream gathered dust until health problems woke us up.

My health issue was resolved, but Jim’s was not. He had Parkinson’s disease, a progressive, degenerative brain disorder with no known cure. After a doctors dire warning of “five years to live” we sold it all: the stores, the house, the cars, and moved aboard a sailboat. Ten years and 35,000 sea miles later we completed our circumnavigation. The book I wrote about realizing our dream, Go Anyway: Sailing Around the World with Parkinson’s  , has inspired thousands of people.

After selling our sailboat in 2002 we moved to Round Top, Texas. I created jewelry again, but wasn't accepted into high end art shows since I did not make the beads. One rejection in particular incensed me, and I told Jim, “I’m gonna learn how to make beads, and I’m going to be in that show next year!”

Learning lampworking changed my life again. 

Lampworking involves melting glass in a torch flame to make beads. The flame scared me, and I spent my first day making beads with shaking hands. Suddenly, the fear disappeared. I fell in love with melting glass. I bought the needed supplies and set up a studio. If Parkinson’s allows, Jim works too, designing and making findings and settings in sterling silver. *(I got into that show!) 

I love making glass beads and jewelry.

My art skills and my love of drawing, of texture and of color merged when I found glass. Each bead I create with molten glass is a miniature painting, each a link in the jewelry I create, each a moment of love captured in time. Lampworking offers endless possibilities, myriad moments of discovery. Your participation allows me to continue creating unforgettable jewelry for remarkable women. I thank you. 


"The essence of all art is to have pleasure in giving pleasure.”  Mikhail Baryshnikov