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Roman Legacy Necklace | Ancient Treasures Collection

$ 389.00

The Roman Empire was a dominant power in the Mediterranean, with vast,extensive territories. Their trade networks dealt in many goods, including a wide variety of glass beads.

Several styles of my glass beads are featured in The Roman Legacy Necklace, and all of them are made to look and feel ancient. Mixed into the necklace are three beads of actual antique Roman glass - can you spot them? 

The Roman Legacy Necklace is 24 inches long, with hollow, flat and tubular beads. Colors vary from green to blue, with accents of amber and purple. Copper,bronze, and titanium metal beads add interest. 

Wear The Roman Legacy Necklace with a big linen tunic type top over jeans. Or what about with a sheath in teal?  The ambers and the hints of purple glass will be nice complements for teal, reds, and other colors. The necklace will slip over your head, but for ease it has a hand made hook style clasp.




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